Thursday, 11 January 2018

Happy New Year - Layout Changes

Happy New Year everyone. Since it’s a new year and Tiger is BACK we decided to make some positive changes to the golf course that will help with the playability of the Links Course and Lake Course.

Number 5 on the Links Course.  The dreaded number 5.  This hole has wreaked havoc on all of us at some point over the years; especially lately as the trees and shrubs had gotten so tall that it was becoming a ridiculously tough hole.  This hole will have a new look in 2018.  There will be just one tree in your way now as you hit your approach shot towards the green.  All the shrubs and trees have been removed from the waste area that separates the fairway from the green.  This will not only help with the difficulty of the hole, but it should speed up play as you will be able to the see green from everywhere now. And for our guests that aren’t familiar with the golf course they will have a better idea of the layout now.  Here’s a rough timeline photo shoot I captured. I don’t have a photo of the final product so you will have to wait and see it for yourself come spring 2018.